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Chernarus Domination Server Changelog

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Changelog for Chernarus Domination Server

Version 4.27a_test - 22. May 2020 - Testing is ongoing, please report bugs on our forums

  • added USAF MOD Main Pack
  • added USAF MOD Fighters Pack
  • added USAF MOD Utility pack
  • updated Domination to Version 4.27 - changelog can be found here
  • added some variants of Stryker APC
  • added two additional respawn/teleport point - Armor and Engineer
  • database updated - all stats got resetted 
  • replaced FARP vehicles with  HMMWV
  • replaced Engineer Vehicles with APC Stryker M1132 Engineer Squad Vehicle (ESV) with M2, and Surface Mine Plow (SMP)
  • recolored some iconmarker
  • replaced some sidemissionreward
  • reduced some APC/MRAP vehicles
  • some minor codechanges 

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