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Sega's new mobile RPG is getting four times as many dislikes as likes on YouTube


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Remember that surprise new mobile RPG that Sega teased yesterday? Well, people are already downvoting the reveal trailer on YouTube.

Though we still don't know very much about it at all - right now all we have is a very brief teaser and a website with very little information on it - fans are registering their dismay that it's a mobile-only title in the only way they know how; by downvoting it.

Without knowing anything else about the new IP, the teaser trailer is currently racking up four times as many likes as dislikes on its Japanese-language YouTube account. While I can't attest to the flavour of the comments left in Japanese, the majority of English-language comments seem unhappy that the game is seemingly only coming to mobile devices which leave some fearing it will be "monetise[d] to death".

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