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Cult-classic sci-fi adventure Outcast is getting a sequel


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A sequel to cult-classic sci-fi adventure Outcast is in the works, with original developer Appeal Studios once again at the helm.

Outcast 2: A New Beginning, as the sequel is known, unfolds 20 years after the original adventure (which released back in 1999) as preposterously named series protagonist, and ex-Navy Seal, Cutter Slade returns for another jaunt across the alien world of Adelpha.

This time, the planet is under threat of invasion, as a ruthless army of robots begins enslaving and murdering its citizens. Cutter's mission - unfolding as a 3rd-person open-world action-adventure that should be familiar to fans of the original - is to mount a resistance, liberate the people, and rid Adelpha of the robot invaders once and for all.

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