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Two Point Hospital celebrates Sonic's birthday with free in-game items and outfits pack

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Developer Two Point Studios' wonderful medical management sim Two Point Hospital is getting in on Sonic's 30th anniversary celebrations with a free selection of costumes and items for all platforms inspired by the hedgehog's video game adventures.

The snappily titled Sonic the Hedgehog Pack is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and Steam as part of Two Point Hospital's latest update, bringing a total of four outfits for hospital staff to wear - based on Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Knuckles - as well as various theme-appropriate decorations. There's a massive Sonic statue, for instance, plus the likes of Sonic rugs and posters, stylised sunflowers and palm trees, totem poles, and even a big ol' spinning gold ring.

Sonic's Two Point Hospital intrusion comes as the management sim enjoys a variety of heavy discounts and promotional events across different platforms. There's a free trial on Switch until 8th August for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers in certain countries - as well as 30% off the game and all DLC - and it's currently free to play for all Steam users until 2nd August. Discounts there include 75% off the base game and up to 50% off all DLC until 5th August.

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