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  1. The Rules of Engagement for our ArmA3 servers: 1) No friendly fire or waste of friendly equipment 2) Pilots, Artillery Operators and JTAC/FAC have to be on TeamSpeak 3) AIR and ARTILLERY support only on call 4) No shooting at Base unless it's under attack 5) No FOUL LANGUAGE, RACISM, DISCRIMINATION, THREATS or INSULTS The punishment for each specific violation is determined by the present representative of the administration independently, depending on the specific situation. Punishment for violation of these rules is imposed on the player by blocking his access to the server.
  2. Version 4.26a_test - 16. May 2020 updated Domination to Version 4.26 - changelog can be found here database updated - all stats got resetted changed: You need to wait 30 Minutes befor you can fly an Attack Heli or Plane changed: Only Pilots can fly now You need to be in a Pilot Slot You need to wear "Heli Pilot Coverals [NATO]" You need to wear "Heli Pilot Helmet [NATO]"
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