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    • We've read feedback from the community that leveling feels harder this year. We looked into how things compare so far to last year. For battle pass players of all levels, on average players have earned 1.95% more free levels than last year. If we consider only players who after a week were below level 200, on average they have earned 7.91% more free levels than last year. However, we recognize that players still feel that they wish playing granted more, so we have a few changes included in this update:

      - Wagering battle point rewards are now increased by 50%
      - Guild contract battle point rewards are now increased by 100%
      - Sideshop gold for Recycling is increased by 65%
      - Sideshop gold for Guild contracts and upgrades are increased by 100%

      All these changes are effective as of this update. For sideshop gold earned through previous recycles, we will be granting the extra gold over the next few hours.

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    • A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

      Remote Play

      • Added an option to share your IP address and attempt to establish a direct connection. The connection will still be relayed if NAT traversal fails or the relayed route is faster.
      • Throttle downloads on the client while streaming, if that option is enabled in the Download settings
      • Prevent downloads on the client while streaming, if "Allow downloads during gameplay" is not enabled in the Download settings
      • Changing Remote Play settings on the client will affect any current streaming sessions
      • Reduced the cursor scale when streaming to mobile devices

      • Fix reading battery levels on laptops. Low battery level notifications and the battery level indicator in the overlay will now work again.

      • Updated 'scout' steam runtime to 0.20200505.0
      • Fixes bundled zenity binary
      • Show progress bar while updating pinned libraries
      • Updated 'heavy' steam runtime to 0.20200512.2 with upstream library updates

      Linux Shader Pre-Caching
      • Added support for merging NVIDIA per-thread cache files after processing new Vulkan pipelines and after a game exits
      • Adjusted core count of background Vulkan pipeline processing to a quarter of logical cores by default
      • Changed processing tasks to idle priority
      • Updated Vulkan layer API version

      • Improved routing for P2P connections
      • Connections to the local user now go through internal loopback instead of being relayed over the Internet
      • Fix crash bug when attempting P2P connection to self
      • Fix bug causing excessive pings to be sent if connection starts timing out

      Steam Input
      • Fixed hang enumerating some rare USB devices on Windows

      • Fixed hang on SteamVR startup on Windows 7

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    • 2098303.jpg

      Artwork for Fortnite's under-wraps new season has appeared online - released, it seems, earlier than planned. It comes from the new PlayStation background and icon for the game, which got updated today.

      (To be fair to Sony, Fortnite's new season was indeed scheduled to launch this week, before its most recent delay.)

      The image shows Fortnite's battle bus flying over a patch of open water, past a desert island with three palm trees on it in the background.

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    • 2098301.jpg

      The last big hurrah of the PlayStation 3 era, The Last of Us launched on June 14th, 2013 - five months before the arrival of PS4. A technological masterpiece for the era and a crowning achievement for Sony first party development, there's a strong argument that developer Naughty Dog pushed the ageing hardware to its very limits - a fitting send-off for the console by one of its most accomplished developers. Almost seven years later to the day, the studio is set to repeat the trick with the imminent arrival of The Last of Us Part 2.

      Preview coverage for this title is a little tricky. While we've played the game, what we can explicitly comment on is highly limited and the only assets we can share from this slice of the game have already been shown on last week's State of Play. But what we can confidently share is that, put simply, The Last of Us Part 2 does not disappoint. From a technological standpoint, there's a clear path of progression from The Last of Us Remastered, through the still-stunning Uncharted 4 and the often overlooked Lost Legacy, right up to this latest Naughty Dog showcase.

      Some of the basics are easily covered - essentially remaining unchanged from prior trailers and indeed Uncharted 4 before it. Rendering resolution on PlayStation 4 Pro is still 1440p, backed up by the firm's clean temporal anti-aliasing solution. Performance is solid at 30fps, with few deviations, and actually improved overall compared to Uncharted 4's showing on PlayStation 4 Pro. In terms of image quality and frame-rate, we don't anticipate many complaints.

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    • 2098289.jpg

      Stop me if you've heard this one before: Ebay UK is offering 20 per cent off goods from a range of retailers, including TVs and appliances from Hughes and refurbished games and consoles from Music Magpie. This isn't the first time we've seen this sale, but it's always worth checking because of the wide range of deals on offer and the opportunity to get some of the hottest tech at up to £75 off.

      We've done most of the hard work for you too, with some of the best retailers and most promising deals highlighted below. Here's what you need to know!

      Rules: The sale runs until 11:59 UK time on the 4th of June, but expect the most prized tech deals to go faster than that. The minimum spend is £20 and the maximum discount is £75, so the best deals are around the £375 mark (where you'll see the full 20 per cent discount and the full £75 off). Full terms and conditions are here, if you'd like to run the numbers yourself.

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