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  2. An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include: Updated pl_precipice_event_finalFixed being able to build in BLU spawn in one very particular small spot Fixed heal spell from the cauldron cart not always applying properly Fixed being able to damage BLU through the spawn exit on the top balcony of BLU's main spawn before the round has begun View the full article
  3. Today's Deal: Save up to 40% on Steel Division 2 franchise!* Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are! *Offer ends Monday 10/21 at 10AM Pacific Time View the full article
  4. Today's Deal: Save 30% on My Friend Pedro!* Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are! *Offer ends Sunday 10/20 at 10AM Pacific Time View the full article
  5. Save up to 80% on Warhammer Titles as part of this week's Weekend Deal*! *Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time View the full article
  6. Bethesda has announced a delay for Fallout 76's highly anticipated Wastelanders update, which adds NPC to the beleaguered multiplayer game. In better news, however, it's finally introducing much-requested private servers next week. The lack of human NPCs in Fallout 76 was keenly felt when the game released at the tail-end of last year. Well-drawn NPCs have traditionally been the bread and butter of Bethesda's open-world games, and their absence in Fallout 76 made for an experience that, said Eurogamer's Wesley Yin-Poole at launch, "lacks a soul and... lacks consequence". Eventually, though, Bethesda relented on its player-only humans stance, announcing at this year's E3 that it would be introducing NPC to Fallout 76 in the Wastelanders update. The update was originally pencilled in for a loose "fall" release, but now, in a new blogpost, Bethesda has told players it's "going to need more time to be the best, most polished update it can be". As a result, it's now expected to launch during the first quarter of 2020. Read more View the full article
  7. BioWare's troubled looter-shooter Anthem is still soldiering onward, and is now, as it waves goodbye to its long-in-the-works Cataclysm event, joining in the spooky festivities with the launch of its new Season of Skulls. As Anthem's latest event gets underway, things take a sinister turn, with BioWare setting the scene thusly: "As a thick and ominous fog gathers among the trees and strange sounds echo in the distance, the people of Bastion gather together to rise up against the darkness with determination, defiance, and celebration. Fort Tarsis stands proud with towering bonfires, colourful banners, and the bones of its vanquished foes - a bastion of security amid the chaos." Fort Tarsis itself will, says BioWare, offer up some clues as to the cause of the aforementioned fog, which is luring terrible creatures out of the shadows beyond its walls. And should you wish to go a-hunting, the developer's latest blogpost notes that the only requirements to get involved are that players have completed the Incursion storyline. Read more View the full article
  8. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order hasn't had the easiest path to tread. In the shadow of the PR mess surrounding Star Wars Battlefront 2's microtransactions, and the disappointing cancellation of Visceral's title, the weight of the world's expectations for a compelling single-player Star Wars game have fallen heavily on Respawn's shoulders - as if producing a game for one of the world's biggest franchises wasn't already pressure enough. Things didn't get off to the best start, too, with the first EA Play video underwhelming fans who felt the game looked too linear, and the combat too simple. But soon after, things began to change: journalists went hands-on with the title and reported on its Metroidvania influences and FromSoft-style gameplay, an extended gameplay video was released, and the most recent trailer seems to have gone down well with fans. And, having spent an additional three hours with the game, I'm feeling significantly more confident in its potential. Many of the E3 demo's problems seem to have been resolved, and it's starting to show sparks of that wonderful Star Wars charm. Likely in an effort to keep the story top secret, there's still an air of mystery surrounding the game - and plenty of questions about the narrative remain. With less than a month left until the game's release, I spoke with director Stig Asmussen at a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order preview event in Los Angeles this week to talk about the final stages of development, the team's philosophy surrounding the writing, and what it means to be working on a canon Star Wars game. Read more View the full article
  9. Rockstar's open-world western opus Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally coming to PC, and with comes an array of technical enhancements exclusive to the platform - which the developer is now ready to show off to the world in a new trailer. According to Rockstar, the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 will include increased draw distances, improved lighting and shadows, new grass and fur textures, and more. The developer says to expect an experience that's "packed full of new details and greater fidelity...from the claw marks of a passing bear at the base of a tree in Big Valley and the individual spines on a cactus in New Austin, to a train passing on a far horizon and embers sparkling in the New Hanover night sky." Read more View the full article
  10. Westwood Studio's classic Blade Runner point-and-click adventure can finally be enjoyed once more with ease on PC, thanks to the diligent work of the ScummVM development community. But first, a quick history lesson! Blade Runner originally released back in 1997, with Westwood (the sadly-now-defunct developer behind the likes of Command & Conquer and Dune 2) foregoing the usual easy cash-in route ordinarily associated with movie tie-ins for an experience both wildly ambitious and legitimately groundbreaking. Although borne of the familiar point-and-click template, players, in the role of Blade Runner Ray McCoy, embarked on an investigation-based, and largely randomised adventure. Faced with the goal of hunting down replicants, the game would randomly decide exactly which characters were artificial creations at the start, subtly changing their behaviour as the story unfolded. Read more View the full article
  11. Halfbrick Studios, the Aussie developer behind mobile hits such as Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, has just launched its first new game in three years. Magic Brick Wars is a real-time multiplayer strategy where you lay down traps and troop units to try and defeat your opponent before they do the same to you. It uses the same visual style and cast of characters as Raskulls, the studio's underappreciated Xbox 360 platformer, with a guest appearance by Jetpack Joyride star Barry Steakfries. Here's some gameplay: Read more View the full article
  12. The physical version of The Outer Worlds on Xbox One has a huge 38GB day one patch, developer Obsidian has warned. The physical PlayStation 4 version has an 18GB day one patch. This includes tweaks and optimisation fixes, Obsidian said in a forum post. Read more View the full article
  13. Pokémon Sword and Shield open more or less the same as any other in the series: wake up in your room, chat with your mum, check the telly for a little Nintendo console reference. You know the story. Right the way through to the usual little fetch quest for the professor and battle with your rival, Sword and Shield's opening is a mostly pretty, sleepy, comfort-food affair. There's a little diversion in there, which I won't spoil, but really that aside it's business as usual. Where things do change, though, is right after that. Not more than an hour or so into Sword and Shield you'll visit the Wild Area, and for that spot at least Pokémon's world finally opens up. The Wild Area is a large, mostly grassy expanse in the middle of the Galar region's map. In it Pokémon roam freely on the overworld, like they do in all of Sword and Shield's long-grass areas, in a system similar to that of Let's Go. (There are now three types of encounter: visible, roaming Pokémon you walk into, traditional random encounters in the long grass, and "exclamation mark" encounters in long grass that you can either provoke for an encounter with a rarer Pokémon or sneak by to avoid.) Read more View the full article
  14. NightStalkers

    SECREP #00025

    FROM: BattlEye[www.battleye.com] TO: Arma 3 Users UNIT: Main Branch ACTIVITY: Anti-Cheat Update SIZE: ~24.1 MBView the full article
  15. NightStalkers

    SECREP #00025

    : You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here. View the full article
  16. Epic continues to frisbee out the free games, as backlogs around the globe grow so unwieldy they're liable to topple over and squish their owners flat. But should you be willing to risk your chances against Death itself, then, hey, why not add Observer and Alan Wake's American Nightmare to your library later today? Both games, of course, paddle in the wading pool of blood that is the horror genre (appropriately enough, given the season), with Bloober Team's Observer taking the surreal sci-fi approach, while Alan Wake's American Nightmare offers up a Twilight-Zone-inspired slice of small-town terror. They're both good! Observer time-travels players to 2084, and a dilapidated apartment building in a dystopian version of Kraków, Poland. Here, they take on the role of Daniel Lazarski (voiced by Rutger Hauer), a so-called Observer detective attempting to track down his estranged son. Read more View the full article
  17. So far in 2019 I've bested mechs the size of skyscrapers, pummelled ancient demons into the pavement, even terrorised the citizens of a sleepy English village as one very naughty goose. But the greatest video game enemy I've faced this year? It's Ring Fit Adventure's stairs. These things burn. It's a burn you'll feel in your thighs, mostly. Heck, it's a burn I can still feel tingling away, a full day since I last played this fascinating new Switch game. You might not even consider it a game, really - a successor of sorts to the hugely successful Wii Fit, it's a piece of fitness software that, as my aches attest, is remarkably effective. But if Wii Fit was emblematic of that era of Nintendo, cheerily blurring the lines as it courted - and attained - mainstream success, then Ring Fit Adventure is emblematic of this current Nintendo era. This is a video game, and loudly and proudly so. At its heart Ring Fit Adventure is an RPG in which you're guiding your avatar through fantastical meadows and sugar pop savannahs, fighting off magical beasts as you level up and learn new abilities along the way. Read more View the full article
  18. Console makers do promotions and crossovers with companies outside of the video game industry all of the time - and we here at Eurogamer often let them breeze past us on account of them being pretty uninteresting. But this one... this one bongsl. Literally. Read more View the full article
  19. Fortnite's new map is the star of its revamped, reinvigorated Chapter 2 update, which launched yesterday after nearly 48 hours of black hole-ridden downtime. But yesterday was not the first time fans had been able to peer at the new map. It had, in fact, been floating around various corners of the internet for several weeks. The problem was, no one believed it. Read more View the full article
  20. It isn't due for release until next month, but you can already make a huge saving on the Capcom Home Arcade thanks to the latest eBay voucher code. Use the code 'POPULAR20' at The Game Collection's eBay outlet and it'll take 20 per cent off the full price of the upcoming retro console. With the recommended price for the Capcom Home Arcade currently set at £199.99 that represents a chunky £40 saving! It's a swish-looking piece of kit, sporting a couple of arcade sticks and OBSF buttons set onto the iconic Capcom logo. Read more View the full article
  21. Gears 5 has received its first DLC character drop. On the "hero" side we've got COG Gear and DeeBee. On the "villain" side we've got Warden and General Raam. However, there isn't a Carmine in sight in this first DLC character drop for the game, which is sure to upset everyone's who's campaigned for Carmine to be added to the game. These DLC characters have special abilities for use across Gears 5's various modes. COG Gear, for example, is a support character whose ultimate instantly revives downed allies. Raam's arcade passive lets him receive active reload ammo for kills. Of note: if you earned Gilded General Raam through the Road to Gears 5 challenges in Gears 4, you automatically unlock Raam as a character for Gears 5's arcade mode, including the base Raam character skin. Read more View the full article
  22. The Elixir Golem isn't officially released for 18 days, but already I can't stop thinking about him. Some people in my clan already have him, which doesn't help. New cards have slowed down a bit in Clash Royale of late. But even without such relative scarcity this guy would be exciting. Clash Royale is a game where you build a deck of cards, which represent units or buildings or spells. And then you use these cards in 1v1 - or 2v2 - matches against other players. Each player has three towers that they're protecting and you're trying to storm. The stuff that allows you to play cards is called elixir. It's basically mana. Each card has its own elixir cost, and managing this is the heart of the game. The standard Golem has been in the game for ages. I went through a definite Golem thing a while back, but now I barely use him. The Golem is very powerful, a melee unit that does a lot of damage and has a lot of health. Before dying he splits into two mini Golems and they're a pain too. But listen: he costs eight elixir, which is almost all your pool. And he's slow. He can be whittled down quite easily by a skilled player before he's really done anything. Read more View the full article
  23. - The match quality survey we mentioned in our recent blog post is now enabled. Let's hear your feedback! - On Friday we reverted the change that reduced the hard limit for MMR party spread in ranked matchmaking. We will be thinking about that change a little more and revisiting it when we are more confident in the change and the alternatives that exist. In the mean time we’ve added a UI indicator when large MMR spreads exist in parties to let players know that being in such parties will negatively impact match quality and queue times. View the full article
  24. Last week
  25. Blizzard has finally suspended the US Hearthstone collegiate team that held up a "Free Hong Kong, Boycott Blizz" sign during a tournament stream, following accusations from the community (and the team itself) that its failure to punish the players was hypocritical. The on-stream incident occurred last week, as a direct response to Blizzard's announcement that it would be suspending Hearthstone Grandmaster Chung 'blitzchung' Ng Wai from competitive play for one year, following his decision to express support for protesters in Hong Kong during a streamed post-match interview. Blizzard also fired the casters involved in the stream, and denied Blitzchung his winnings - a heavy handed punishment that many fans saw as Blizzard kowtowing to the Chinese government. The following day, the American University collegiate team staged its own protest by holding up the Free Hong Kong sign, an action which was not punished by Blizzard, despite the company claiming that it would censure all teams that engage in acts that "brings you into public disrepute, offends a portion or group of the public, or otherwise damages Blizzard image". Read more View the full article
  26. Cosmo D, the creator behind surreal jazz-infused delights The Norwood Suite and Off-Peak, has released the first trailer for his next adventure oddity, Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1. Tales From Off-Peak City, which sports the same wonderfully off-kilter aesthetic as its predecessors, is designed as an anthology series. Each volume will feature its own self-contained story, which, when combined, will reveal the truth behind the series' events. "It's a hazy Sunday morning on the corner of July Avenue and Yam Street," explains Cosmo D (AKA Greg Heffernan) of Volume 1, "Caetano Grosso, a former saxophone player and longtime pizza-maker, is just getting his pizza oven warmed up. Orders are trickling in, and he needs someone to help with the deliveries. Read more View the full article
  27. Google has confirmed that it's winding down support for its mobile VR platform, Daydream, citing decreased usage and limited adoption of the technology. Daydream initially launched in November 2016, as a portable, affordable VR solution, and as a response to Samsung's similarly positioned Gear VR headset. And now, just shy of three years later, Google has announced that its new flagship Pixel 4 phones will not support the feature, and that it will no longer sell the Daydream View headset. In a statement provided to Variety, a Google spokesperson explained that, "There hasn't been the broad consumer or developer adoption we had hoped, and we've seen decreasing usage over time of the Daydream View headset". However, the company says its Daydream app and store will remain available for existing users. Read more View the full article
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