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  2. Phasmophobia developer Kinetic Games has pushed out a new update to celebrate the ghost investigation game's first anniversary. The Anniversary Update - I see what you did with the name there - is out now and introduces a handful of tweaks and improvements, including a journal "overhaul" that permits you to cross off evidence, change your settings, and generally make it "easier to use and navigate". You can also play offline singleplayer without forcing you to connect to the server, and will no longer get a pity payment of $10 when you fail a contract; now you'll "get the insurance depending on the chosen difficulty". My favourite change might be that failing will also reveal what kind of ghost was terrorising you now, too. Read more View the full article
  3. Now released from its three-game deal with Sony, Quantic Dream - developer of PlayStation exclusives Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human - has reportedly signed a deal with Disney and is rumoured to be working on a new Star Wars game. It's a timely rumour, not least because it coincides with LucasFilm moving away from its exclusivity deal with EA, including plans to make a new open-world game based on the fan-favourite franchise with Ubisoft. "They've now finished their contract with Sony and will be signing with Disney," French YouTuber Gautoz said in a video this week (thanks, VGC), hypothesising that Quantic's recent push back on hostile work environment allegations was to preserve this newly forged partnership. "It looks like they will be working on a Star Wars game." Read more View the full article
  4. Luke Ross, the mastermind modder behind the impressive GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 R.E.A.L. VR mods released a new mod this week that brings virtual reality to the world of Mafia: Definitive Edition. For those of you who don't know, Mafia: Definitive Edition is a faithful recreation of the 2002 original. It came with an expanded story, gameplay and a complete graphical overhaul that breathed a whole new lease of life into everyone's favourite Mafioso-based GTA-clone. Overall it's a really impressive remake and the new-look Lost Heaven is gorgeous. But with the added immersion offered by Luke's new mod, at times, it almost feel like you're actually there! You can watch me drive, crash, run, jump, shoot and die my way through a couple of the game's early missions in this week's VR Corner below. Oh and I also spend a lot of my time just looking out of the windows of my cars going, "wooooooow, preeetttyyy!", because it really is. Read more View the full article
  5. Revered 90s gaming show, GamesMaster, will be back on our screens later this year after a 23-year break. While we already knew the show was making its triumphant return on E4 in the UK, a new press release explains that the programme will be back later this year with a "social-first partnership" with Facebook's Oculus Quest 2. Though the show is described as spanning social, digital and linear broadcast, all episodes will initially premiere on E4's YouTube channel and will be followed by a linear play on E4. Read more View the full article
  6. Good news for fans of party games - the eighth instalment of The Jackbox Party Pack is set to release on October 14, 2021. If you missed the announcement teaser a couple of weeks back, here it is: The Jackbox Party Pack 8 will feature five new games - Job Job, Weapons Drawn, Drawful Animate, the Wheel of Enormous Proportions, and Poll Mine. Here's how the developer describes each of the new games courtesy of a recent blog post (thanks, TheGamer): Read more View the full article
  7. No, it's not just you - Apex Legends' servers are unstable right now. The problem first crept in a few days back, but despite fixes and assurances from Respawn that the issues had been rectified, the developer has since acknowledged that despite improvements, players are continuing to experience "roughly three times the normal rate of disconnect errors". "We're ramping up our server capacity today and have some scheduled fixes for tomorrow. However, we believe some problems will require work through the weekend," the team announced on Friday. Read more View the full article
  8. Call of Duty: Vanguard isn't even out yet, but players are already reporting that cheaters are out in force during this weekend's cross-platform beta test. The heavily advertised anti-cheat measures have yet to be introduced, of course - which means the cheat systems players use in Warzone and Modern Warfare 2019 are very likely still functional - but nonetheless, the prevalence of in-game cheating is once again dominating the game's reddit and social media pages. Right now the beta is only available for those who've pre-ordered the shooter but already players are reporting - and even providing video evidence - of what seem to be wall hacks and other cheats (thanks, VGC). Read more View the full article
  9. We live in an age of hyperbole, where a couple of modest successes are enough to elevate someone to legendary status - at least in the eyes of a rapidly churning pop culture. This week we said goodbye to a genuine legend, Sir Clive Sinclair, whose vision virtually defined the British games industry - and by extension huge swathes of the modern gaming landscape. Ironic, given that gaming was perhaps the furthest thing from Sinclair's mind when he was creating his first home computers in the early 1980s. Sinclair was an inventor first, a businessman second. Born in 1940, he was a precociously gifted child, particularly good at mathematics, and both his father and grandfather were accomplished engineers. A voracious reader and tinkerer, he spent his school holidays teaching himself the things that his secondary school could not, and by the age of 14 had reportedly already come up with a design for a submarine. History, sadly, does not recall if he ever attempted to build and sail it. Fascinated by the new technology of electronics, the young Sinclair took holiday jobs at relevant companies and tried to pitch his managers with ideas for electric vehicles - an obsession that would run throughout his career, and one of many examples of how far ahead of his time he was. Read more View the full article
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  11. Riot Games has outlined changes it hopes will improve player behaviour when it comes to idling or leaving early in League of Legends. "We know that AFKs and leavers are some of the most disruptive behaviours you face, so we're happy to be coming to you today with an update around AFK and Leaver punishments." wrote BarackProbama and TimTamMonster in s blog on the game's official website. Bundling both idle "AFK" behaviour and intentional quitters together as one single nuisance, the pair said that the team was introducing a number of new "prongs" to manage the issue, including new penalty "tiers" and a means of "shielding" players from repeat offenders. Read more View the full article
  12. The Sonic 30th Anniversary Symphony album is now available to stream on iTunes and Apple Music. Not your preferred music streaming platform? Don't panic. According to Sonic's own social media manager, the album will be "rolling out to other services soon", "hopefully by next week" (thanks, NME). Even if you're not a music streaming subscriber, however, you can sample the wonder of Sonic's music by the Tomoya Ohtani Band, Crush 40, and Sonic Adventure Music Experience by previewing the tracks right now on iTunes. No, you won't get the full-length glory of the FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague renditions, but even the brief snippets of the preview tracks are a wonderful treat. Read more View the full article
  13. Remember that surprise new mobile RPG that Sega teased yesterday? Well, people are already downvoting the reveal trailer on YouTube. Though we still don't know very much about it at all - right now all we have is a very brief teaser and a website with very little information on it - fans are registering their dismay that it's a mobile-only title in the only way they know how; by downvoting it. Without knowing anything else about the new IP, the teaser trailer is currently racking up four times as many likes as dislikes on its Japanese-language YouTube account. While I can't attest to the flavour of the comments left in Japanese, the majority of English-language comments seem unhappy that the game is seemingly only coming to mobile devices which leave some fearing it will be "monetise[d] to death". Read more View the full article
  14. Just like its predecessor, Dying Light 2 will feature weapon degradation. Confirmation about the beleaguered zombie game's combat came in the latest instalment of the game's Dying 2 Know More series in which PR specialist Paulina Dziedziak spoke to producer Szymon Strauss. However, things will be slightly different this time around. The team insists that because "the world has changed", the weapons we used in the original game "wore out". Although you'll occasionally come across a "high-tier" ready-made weapon, they're rare to find and pretty expensive, so we'll mostly be "building stuff from scraps and materials you find on the fly". Read more View the full article
  15. Diablo 2: Resurrected director says players should "do what they feel is right" when deciding whether or not to support publisher Activision Blizzard by buying the remake when it goes on sale next week. It's the first game the company has released since allegations of a "frat boy" work culture at Activision Blizzard were made by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, although it's important to note that the lead developer here is Vicarious Visions, which has not been involved nor implicated in the legal complaint. "It was definitely very troubling to hear these types of things," design director Rob Gallerani told Axios (thanks, VGC). "And we really wanted to support our colleagues and our co-workers." Read more View the full article
  16. THQ has confirmed Jagged Alliance 3 is in development. While there's no estimated release window as yet, developer Haemimont Games - the same team behind recent Tropico games - has revealed the "beloved series" is coming "soon" to PC. Here's the announcement trailer, which debuted yesterday: Read more View the full article
  17. I was taken aback watching The Matrix 4 trailer earlier this month, because it's been years since anything Matrix was exciting, and I'd forgotten how much it means to me. I really love that film (I am pretending there is only one of course). And seeing Keanu as Neo again sent shivers down my spine. And that moment where he and Carrie-Anne Moss meet in the trailer? Ooh ooh ooh. But where was Laurence Fishburne, where was Morpheus? Or was that Morpheus? No one seemed to be sure, though it didn't take long for actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II to clarify that he is Morpheus in the new film. For some reason, Fisburne wasn't invited to the reunion, but let's not dwell on that. Because for one moment, amid all the speculation, something brilliant happened: people reached for an explanation from a game. And it was a game we hadn't heard about for years: The Matrix Online. It resurfaced because it offered, potentially, context about what was going on in the enigmatic Matrix 4 trailer. This is because The Matrix Online occupies a fascinating space within The Matrix universe. Here was a piece of entertainment entrusted by the Matrix creators, the Wachowskis, to continue the Matrix story after the three films ended. Read more View the full article
  18. An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include: Added ConVar "sdr_spew_level" for clients and servers to control SteamNetworkingSockets console spew. Default is 4 (warning). Fixed official TF2 bots displaying avatars in the scoreboard during modes like Offline Practice Updated the War Paint inspection panel to support all seed values Updated custom player sprays and other temp files to only be deleted on shutdown View the full article
  19. Following some sneaky teasing earlier this year, and a spot of more recent leakage from Sony, THQ Nordic has officially confirmed that Destroy All Humans 2 is getting the remake treatment. Destroy All Humans! 2 - Reprobed, as THQ is calling its latest remake, will be "developed from scratch" in Unreal Engine 4 by Black Forest Games, the studio behind the striking 2020 remake of the original Destroy All Humans. The sequel, if you're unfamiliar, initially released for PlayStation 2 and Xbox back in 2006, serving up a second helping of comedic ET action charting the continuing adventures of Crypto as he rampages across the 1960s following the destruction of his mothership by the KGB - a chaotic journey that sees him soaking up (and blowing up) the sights in the US, UK, Soviet Union, Japan, and even to the moon. Expect all that in the remake, only prettier. Read more View the full article
  20. A sequel to cult-classic sci-fi adventure Outcast is in the works, with original developer Appeal Studios once again at the helm. Outcast 2: A New Beginning, as the sequel is known, unfolds 20 years after the original adventure (which released back in 1999) as preposterously named series protagonist, and ex-Navy Seal, Cutter Slade returns for another jaunt across the alien world of Adelpha. This time, the planet is under threat of invasion, as a ruthless army of robots begins enslaving and murdering its citizens. Cutter's mission - unfolding as a 3rd-person open-world action-adventure that should be familiar to fans of the original - is to mount a resistance, liberate the people, and rid Adelpha of the robot invaders once and for all. Read more View the full article
  21. Monster Hunter Rise's schedule of Capcom-themed crossovers continues next Friday, 24th September, with the arrival of a familiar Mega Man character, Rush. Capcom's Mega Man crossover - the fourth post-launch collaboration update to release for Monster Hunter Rise since its launch back in March - follows cameos for the likes of Okami's Amaterasu and Street Fighter 5's Akuma. This time, though, players will be able to unlock a brand-new piece of layered armour turning their trusty Palamute companion into the Mega Man series' robo-canine Rush, even replacing the standard Palamute dash animation with the Rush Jet ability. Read more View the full article
  22. Yuji Naka, famed creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, has revealed he's teaching himself how to program his own smartphone game following his departure from Square Enix earlier this year. Naka joined Square Enix in 2018, and his first project with the publisher - action-platformer Balan Wonderworld - was announced last summer for release this year. Unfortunately, Balan Wonderland was met with generally unfavourable reviews and disappointing sales when it launched in April, and Naka confirmed his departure from Square Enix in June. At the time, he told Twitter, "I'm 55 years old, so I may retire." It seems Naka has been busy since then, however, and he's celebrated his birthday today by revealing some of what he's been up to since leaving Square. "Thank you for your birthday message," he wrote on Twitter. "Recently I've started studying programs again, and I'm making a simple game for smartphones with Unity." Read more View the full article
  23. DCS: Mosquito FB VIEarly Access DCS: Mosquito FB VI is now available for Open Beta. We are proud of the Early Access release-state of the Mossie, and we are confident it will provide endless hours of enjoyment. We will now begin the second phase of development to add enhancement features as well as addressing the known bugs list. We would like to thank our whole dev team as well as the Closed Beta Team for their vigorous work, testing and dedication. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWwns5KTmwE Phase 2 features we are working on: Operator's AI for multi-crew Tire and shock absorber dynamics Operable drift recorder device Engine failures Fire-extinguishers Rockets armament More liveries https://store.steampowered.com/app/1724230/DCS_Mosquito_FB_VI/ Open Beta 2.7.6Development Report DCS World Open Beta 2.7.6 is now live and includes improvements to DCS: F/A-18C Hornet and DCS: F-16C Viper. Helicopters have also received new additions and bug fixes, especially DCS: Mi-24P Hind and DCS: SA-342 Gazelle. The Mission Editor has received new elements, notably the inclusion of pylon restrictions for single player missions and multiplayer servers. This will allow mission creators to limit weapon options per pylon. We kindly remind you that this feature is Work In Progress, and that it will be developed further based on your feedback. Please read the full changelog for more details. The ChannelFeature Complete Open Beta In this week’s Open Beta update to DCS: The Channel, you will find many new unique objects and visual improvements along roads and canals. The addition of the winter season has been added, and we hope it results in even more immersive missions and campaigns. Over 15 new unique landmarks have also been added such as new churches, cathedrals, graveyards, prisons, and bridges. Trains will also now travel over the entirety of the map. We kindly remind you that DCS: The Channel will soon be released to Stable version, and the Early Access discount will no longer be available. This weekend is your last chance to save 20% on this fabulous map DCS: The Channel. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1120301/DCS_The_Channel/ Thank you again for your passion and support. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours sincerely, ​Eagle Dynamics TeamView the full article
  24. A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/223750/announcements/detail/4974778582454887522]here[/url].View the full article
  25. Splitgate will get its own version of forge mode before it arrives in Halo Infinite, developer 1047 Games has said. In a response to a tweet by KFCGaming of all places, the official Splitgate account announced the plans. Forge mode, which made its debut in Bungie's Halo 3, lets players edit and create playable maps that can then be shared with the community. Read more View the full article
  26. Dota 2 will soon remove support for 32-bit systems, Valve has warned. The mega-popular MOBA launched eight years ago, and Valve said it's time to leave older tech behind. So, in the coming months, Dota 2 players will need to have a 64-bit machine and operating system to run the game. Read more View the full article
  27. A question that pops up often around these parts is where have all the arcade racers gone, and one answer, it turns out, is blindingly obvious; you can find them down at the arcade. Cruis'n Blast, which just launched this week, is part of that other seemingly endangered species, an arcade port of that squeezes 2017's gloriously overstated , and one that serves up the kind of garish, absurd outrageous entertainment so many of us pine for from our racing games. Perhaps it's something of a surprise to discover that bonafide arcade games even exist in this day and age, but should you ever be lucky enough to stumble upon one yourself you'll see they're largely propped up by one company alone: Raw Thrills, a small outfit operating out of Skokie, Illinois under the watchful eye of a certain Eugene Jarvis. That'll be Eugene Jarvis, creator of Defender and Robotron amongst other all-time classics, because while the video game world moved on from the smoky scrum of the arcade, Eugene decided to make it his lifelong home. I'm telling you all this before I get to Cruis'n Blast's outrageous arcade action, its race tracks stuffed with set-pieces that would make Fast & Furious blush and straddled by pairs of 50-foot yetis tearing chunks out of each other, because it seems kind of important to understand what exactly this is. This is the arcade racer emerging from the Galápagos isle of the arcade itself, the result of 30 years of isolated evolution, and a game that's got louder, brasher, somehow more lurid still. What a wonder it is to behold! Read more View the full article
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