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  2. Two fans who leaked details of Pokémon Sword and Shield back in 2019 will be forced to pay $150k - each. Newly-filed court documents show The Pokémon Company has now reached a $300k settlement with the pair, who are described as having stolen "trade secrets" by snapping "illicit pictures from an unreleased strategy guide" (thanks, Polygon). One of the defendants was discovered to have been employed at LSC Communications, the company which had printed the Pokémon Sword and Shield strategy guide. The other defendant was identified as the individual who had then received photos of the guide via
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  4. EA is making "substantial changes" to executive pay after negative shareholder feedback. In a regulatory filing ahead of a say-on-pay vote set for August, EA said it had "considered stockholder feedback" and made "substantial changes" to executive pay for the 2022 financial year. Last year's say-on-pay vote saw 170.89m votes against the company's plan versus just 59.6m votes for. Read more View the full article
  5. EA has now put a time on EA Play Live, its big upcoming summer announcements show coming a month later than E3. You'll be able to tune in for the pre-show at 6pm UK time (10am Pacific) on 22nd July, EA said. How long will the pre-show be? When will the actual show start? EA has not provided either of these details, presumably in a bid to hook you in earlier and have you watching the whole thing. Read more View the full article
  6. Microsoft's special Cyberpunk 2077 refund policy ends 6th July, it's announced. The company returns to its standard digital game refund policy for CD Projekt's embattled sci-fi adventure for both new and existing purchases on that date. In a note on the Microsoft Store, Microsoft said updates to the game had caused the change. Read more View the full article
  7. Blizzard has now activated cross-play for Overwatch on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. The feature was recently announced in a developer update which explained cross-play would be available in Quick Play, Arcade and Custom modes. For the game's ranked Competitive playlist, console players will be pooled together but kept separate from those on PC. Read more View the full article
  8. If you're playing Call of Duty: Warzone, you probably have an opinion on Dead Silence. The popular field upgrade does exactly what it says on the tin: it temporarily makes your footsteps silent. But there's more: it also makes your movement slightly faster. It's extremely powerful in Warzone. Getting the jump on an opponent is often the name of the game, and if they can't hear your footsteps, you're at a distinct advantage. Read more View the full article
  9. A bug which displays your IP address on-screen in Marvel's Avengers will be quickly fixed today, developer Crystal Dynamics has said. The issue is currently affecting Marvel's Avengers on PlayStation 5, and has left streamers saying they cannot play until it is sorted out. Avengers owners first noticed the problem after the game's latest update yesterday. Streamers reacted in alarm, saying the information could expose their physical location. Read more View the full article
  10. Somewhat inexplicably, it is a quarter of a century since the Nintendo 64 first appeared in Japan - marking the beginning not just of Nintendo's first proper foray into 3D, but also the start of a whole new era of video games. It's far from Nintendo's most successful console, and with a relatively slim number of titles it's perhaps not one of its most beloved either, but there's a strong case to be made for the N64 being one of Nintendo's most important pieces of hardware. Working within Nintendo back then was Giles Goddard, who'd helped push Nintendo into 3D with his work on Star Fox at Argo
  11. There are certain aspects of modern living that my mind simply won't accept. Despite having had it explained to me many times by others, and with no small amount of research on my part, I still distrust planes. I took a four year chemistry degree at university, and I'm still fairly skeptical about how gravity works, or why sand turns into glass when it gets hot. Despite accepting the science behind all of these things, I still chalk most of it up to some kind of cosmic magic that I'll never truly understand. Fulgurites then, are tangible proof of at least one of these things. A rare opportunit
  12. An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include: Fixed players not being able to download large custom maps from servers Added check to prevent players without admin access using the dump_all_caches server command View the full article
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  14. An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include: Added the Summer 2021 Cosmetic CaseContains 18 new community-contributed items Adds 6 new community-created Unusual effectsNumerous security and stability improvements Added a cooldown before a player can create a vote when they join a match already in-progresssv_vote_late_join_time controls the grace period after the match starts before the cooldown is applied: default 90 secs sv_vote_late_join_cooldown controls the length of the cooldown: def
  15. We're happy to announce our Top Releases of May 2021 Returning to our monthly series, we're happy to announce Steam's Top Releases for the month of May. As with previous lists, we look at every game released during the month and highlight the Top 20 based on their first two weeks of revenue. We also highlight the top 5 free-to-play games, ranked by the number of unique players they acquired after launch. The Top Releases of May 2021[store.steampowered.com] Multilingual Gaming No matter how many times we watch these Top Release lists come together, we're amazed by the consistent represen
  16. A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/593110/announcements/detail/2981927408935821367]here[/url]. View the full article
  17. Prime Day may be about to draw to a close but there are still a few handfuls of deal nuggets to bring to your attention. So, before we call it a day, let us point you to the top offers from Logitech, including some of the best gaming mice chosen by Digital Foundry. There are three offers in particular that a worth highlighting, so hopefully there should be something here to suit your needs if you've been eyeing up a discounted mouse recently. For other last-minute bargains, our picks of the best Prime Day gaming deals are right here, too. First up is a familiar favourite: the Logitech G502. Th
  18. AMDs FidelityFX Super Resolution is finally here, and we've been able to test it out across a number of titles. The idea here is pretty straightforward: to dramatically increase performance while minimising the hit to image quality. So the questions we had going into this one were simple enough: how does FSR actually work? How does it look in comparison to native resolution imagery? And how does it stack up against top-end temporal upscaling solutions, like the excellent technique built into Unreal Engine 4? We can answer those questions today, but what we cannot do is offer any comparisons to
  19. A new Grand Theft Auto 5 mod lets players transform into Godzilla and rampage across San Andreas. Eight years on from its release the action-adventure game developed by Rockstar Games is still extremely popular, especially because of the constant remastering of GTA 5. JulioNIB, a notorious modder who has created many popular mods in the past is in the process of making the Ultimate Godzilla mod. Read more View the full article
  20. Lego has at last detailed its full wave of upcoming Super Mario expansion sets due to go sale from 1st August, including a first look at Bee and Frog Mario power-up packs. The star of this wave, the Luigi Starter Course, had been officially announced already (after its creepy tease which cause Mario Starter Course figurines to begin crying out). We've also had a look at the hulking Bowser's Airship expansion already - that leaked last week - and the next wave of 10 blind bag figurines available in the Series 3 Character Packs. Read more View the full article
  21. Phew, there sure have been a lot of deals this Prime Day, huh? Here are the very best Prime Day 2021 deals that are still available, including essential upgrades for PC gaming, the best discounted 4K TVs for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, brilliant headphones and a few more carefully chosen tech deals. Note that we've included deals from the US and the UK - sadly the American and British arms of Amazon have thus far refused to offer the same deals to residents of both nations. Maybe one day! Until then, please take care to select deals for the country in which you live. Before we get into the hig
  22. Chinese conglomerate Tencent now holds a majority stake in Yager, the Berlin-based developer behind cult favourite 2012 shooter Spec Ops: The Line. Tencent first acquired a small stake in the company back in February 2020. At the time, Yager said it would put the funds towards its free-to-play multiplayer game The Cycle, and then unnamed future projects. Today's news was revealed in an interview with Yager boss Timo Ullmann by German site gameswirtschaft.de, and picked up by Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad. In it, Ullmann says the move comes ahead of a relaunch for The Cycle based on early
  23. Blue Box Game Studios, the indie developer at the heart of a bizarre internet conspiracy involving Hideo Kojima, has once again denied it has any involvement with the Metal Gear Solid maker. In a video message posted this morning, director Hasan Kahraman faced the camera to pass on a message Blue Box has now stated repeatedly: it is not involved with Kojima, and it is not working on a new Silent Hill game. If this sounds familiar, that's because Blue Box said as much back in April. And again last week on Twitter. And now again today. Read more View the full article
  24. While we're still waiting for Amazon to drop the latest batch of PS5 stock it's rumoured to have sitting in its warehouses, these DualSense controller bundles with PS5 games and accessories are some of the best PS5 Prime Day deals you can get right now. Depending on which one you go for, you can save up to £30 when compared to buying both items separately. If you've been lucky enough to get a PS5 already then these aren't a bad pairing. Have a browse below and see what you think! Read more View the full article
  25. It looks like Call of Duty: Warzone's controversial Roze skin is finally, properly nerfed. Developer Raven made a change to the skin for the start of Season 4, and it has brightened up what was a very dark outfit for operator Roze. Activision's battle royale has for months come under fire for a particular skin for Roze, which many considered "pay-to-win". Read more View the full article
  26. Since the start of its new season, Fortnite's island has lain in the shadow of a giant UFO mothership. Today, you can beam aboard and explore. Get beamed up and you'll find yourself in a mini dungeon filled with locations from the past to hop around in low-gravity. (I am delighted to see the return of the much-missed Butter Barn, home of Fortnite's brilliant pancake song.) With 90 seconds on the clock, the aim of the game is to collect alien orbs which boost the amount of loot you'll get upon leaving. You can also extend your time in the mothership by picking up timer orbs. Read more View the
  27. A Final Fantasy 9 animated kids series is in the works. Kidscreen reports Paris-based Cyber Group Studios has done a deal with Square Enix to adapt the 21-year-old role-playing game into an animated series aimed at eight to 13-year-olds. It's early days, though. Cyber Group Studios plans to pitch the project to broadcasters in the coming months, with production set to begin by the end of 2021 or beginning of 2022. Episode count and length have yet to be decided. Read more View the full article
  28. After more than a year of gameplay bonuses designed to make Pokémon Go easier to play during the pandemic, developer Niantic has laid out a detailed roadmap for how it will remove, replace and adopt these changes in the future. Some changes will be made permanent, though others - most notably the ability to interact with PokéStops and gyms at an increased distance - will be removed. But changes will be made on a country-by-country basis, Niantic has said, and in the short term there will be new temporary "exploration bonuses" for countries which lose the pandemic changes soon. Read more View
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